Saturday, July 16, 2011

Le mignon Filet

ok so le filet. yes. yes. yes.
small plates. expensive. trendy but chill.
see and be seen kind of vibe.
mount royal.
the food, the food.
small plates, mostly seafood.
we had a scallop dish with beets, to die for, the scallops were raw i believe, tender as fuck and just so delicious. like butter.
the colours made me think of le chateaubriand in paris.

tuna tartar with seaweed crisps. amazing.

morue with bits of chorizo. very good fish dish, would of enjoyed a bit more sausage.

gnocchi-like pasta with veal cheek and foie gras melted in.

octopus, my least favorite, a little charred...


(Jean Paul Gaultier apprently enjoys this place too)

I just loved it. The service was decent, a lil cold and impersonal but the food was so good nothing else mattered.



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  1. you're so right, the colours look just like Le chateaubriand's dishes <3