Monday, September 20, 2010

girly car bomb cupcakes!

I was searching through my favorite cooking blog ( for a dessert recipe that would be appropriate for isabel and cameron's combined birthday extravaganza and I fell on these booze filled chocolate cupcakes. All i have to say is they are way tastier than the drink they were inspired by! The guinness is in the batter and then you fill the center with a chocolate whiskey ganache and top it off with Bailey's buttercream icing. So delicious. Especially when you warm them up a little in the microwave and the chocolate center oozes out.

here's the original recipe from the website
the only thing i did differently was double the alcohol in everything. i don't like booze in fruity dessert but with chocolate it's truly divine.

I delegated the task of decorating to Claire because her little dexterous hands are very useful in times like these. I have zero icing skills and i just make everything look sloppy.

I definitely am going to make these again.
By the way, the smell of boiling butter and Guinness is probably the best thing I ever smelled in my life.



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