Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's tea time!

So I've been deathly ill this week and my business lunch is cancelled. Instead of eating delicious food I'm wrapped in leopard print blankets drinking gallons of tea! Ever since last spring when I discovered Davidstea I've been kind of obsessed with it. Everytime I walk in to that place I spend an hour smelling all the different flavours and just chitchatting with the helpful staff. And i always leave with three new packets of tea Im trying to cut down on the frequency of my visits, It's getting a little crazy.

Claire, Renata and I went to visit the new Westmount location recently and tried a few different flavours. I tried a very strong black tea that smelled and tasted excatly like a campfire. I don't know how i feel about drinking campfire. My next purchase is definitely Claire's pick which was the oolong long life tea that has apricot, almond slices and peach in it. it's heavenly as a latte! I also really want to try their new buttered rum black tea that came out for fall.

My favorites are Spring break (green coconut), regal turc (black tea with pistachio and spices, of course), jumpy monkey (a mate tea with no caffeine that gives you a steady boost of energy, without the crash! i find it only works when steeped in hot milk!),and the vata ayurvedic (which is a herbal tea with chamomille, rosebuds, ginger and spearmint). I don't really like the taste of red rooibos but they have a good selection of green rooibos which is amazing! I love the green and fruity and i"m looking forward to tasting the swampwater.

There's so many to pick from and tea has so many health benefits that you just feel like you're doing something good for yourself! They also have fun recipes for tasty alcoholic beverages using specific teas and I'm sure this winter they'll have some warm drink recipes!

Now I think I might have to venture outside of my bed and go try their cold remedy tea...


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