Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Restaurant Jane

So i haven't posted in a while because I've been preparing my move to Paris. I came to study fashion business in the fashion (and food) capital of the world. The last week before I left Montreal we had one last girl gathering at new notredame west little burgundy restaurant, Jane. Their specialty is pizza although the chalkboard menu suggested interesting appetizers as well.

We all ordered different pizzas. I had the buffalo mozzarella, the red sauce was delicious and salty(I believe it was made with rock salt). Others chose the bianco which was a cream based sauce with mushrooms and pesto. Also very very good.

However the favorite amongst all of us was definitely the shwarza which consisted of smoked meat, pickles and mustard. It sounds kind of strange and a little bit gross but it was actually the most amazing pizza ever!!

(kristina looking very proud of her choice of pizza)

The prices were a bit high (all around 20$ for a pizza) but they’re huge and made with fresh ingredients. This is not your dirty Montreal street pizza. Totally worth it. And you can easily share one pizza between 2 people.

The drinks are made with homemade juices and are all very interesting sounding and some better than others (the favorites were the cucumber one and the beet juice one).

Overall we had a wonderful time, the food was great, the place is cute and comfortable.

I’m going to miss my friends so much but I’ll definitely be having more food adventures here in Paris.

I'll keep you posted!



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