Saturday, February 19, 2011

Italian in Paris

So ok i know my first Paris post has been a little delayed... and on top of that I'm starting off with an italian restaurant. The thing is I've been basically eating delicious baguette, cheese, charcuterie and wine instead of going out to fancy dinners. But tonight was my friend Daniel's birthday so we went to this little cozy Italian eatery in Oberkampf called l'Osteria dell'anima.
The menu consists of mostly fresh pasta dishes and as you walk in there's a little setup in the front where they prepare it as you order.

The lady who owned the place was absolutely amazing and offered us some bellini's because our reservation was a little bit postponed. Daniel ordered the lasagna and I had the mushroom, speck cream sauce pasta dish. Both were delightful.

When the hostess found out it was Daniel's birthday she brought us a few shots of grappa after we finished our desserts.

This place was so welcoming it basically felt like we were eating at our italian aunt's home where we were being forced to take shots and eat too much food.
A nice change from the typical somewhat stuffy parisian dining scene.

Overall, had a great experience and would definitely come back again (if I didn't have a million other restaurants to try during my stay in Paris!)
ps. reservations are essential, about 10 couples were turned away during the time that we were there

Next week, wine bars!

Special thanks to Eliza and Daniel for the pictures!!

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