Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have been wanting to try this restaurant (voted 11th best in the world by Restaurant Magazine) for quite some time now and was just waiting for the right partner. And then Renata came along. Not everyone is into paying 50 euros for a meal especially when you don't get to choose what you're going to eat and the reviews about the food are mixed. But I knew she'd be up for the adventure. Chateaubriand is known for their innovative dishes, with contrasting flavours as well as their hot scruffy waiters. But I hear you either love the place or hate it.

So we just showed up at Chateaubriand at 10pm, without reservations. The restaurant was packed and the couple at the bar told us they were to be the last seated that night. So we walked out extremely disappointed. But luckily one of the waiters ran out after us and said they would make room. Ren and I were both thrilled at having been chased back into the restaurant!

So we ordered some bubbly (5 euros a glass) and waited for a table to clear up. We ended up sitting at the only bar seats which gave us a good view of the whole restaurant and the bartenders.

We were promptly brought over the menu for the night and described in detail every dish we would be tasting. It all sounded lovely but I can't even remember what half of what we ate was... but it was all amazing.

We started off with these little salty bread nugget things and a liquid ceviche with a chunk of avocado we were instructed to take as a shot. I've never had liquid ceviche but it was surprisingly delicious.

I believe this was some sort of mushroom covered in seeds... Very good amuse-bouche as well.

Truffle something? I should have been paying attention to what the descriptions were but I was too distracted by the visual appeal of the food...

Rose petal endive mackerel salad...

Vegetable broth with a piece of foie gras

For the mains we had a pavé de cabillaud with asparagus and a mayo to dip it in

...and a blanquette de veau covered by a mushroom mousse

Then came dessert. A cheese platter...

Chocolate mousse

And a sorbet to top it all off

Everything was absolutely amazing!

I liked how a different cook brought out every dish and explained it to us. The service was excellent and the food was high quality, interesting and delicious. We had ten different plates which were all brilliantly executed. Definitely got our moneys worth.

I loved it, from beginning to end.
In every way, my type of place.


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