Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I have a thing about judging breakfast restaurants based on the quality of the eggs benedict, the options for fresh fruits and the homefries.

Knowing this, my cousin took me to a place in outremont called amalgame. we were all tired and not looking our best so no pictures of us were taken. lets concentrate on the food!

My eggs benedict were perfect. the sauce was just salty enough. they put cheese and ham. some places only put the ham on the classic version and i find that very dissapointing.

i tend to get my eggs benedict on bagel as a personal favorite (keep in mind i absolutely dont count calories so maybe dont follow my diet haha )

The fruit and plating was delightfull. now, the hash brown! what a treat. i kind of wished there was more of it but then i would be filling up on it instead of on the eggs and fruit. i thoroughly enjoyed my meal there. the breakfast comes with regular coffee that you can upgrade for a small amount to a latte or espresso or anything like that which i find is a nice touch.

my cousin got the large bowl of fruit which was appropriately priced as well. Our friend myriam got a sandwich and fries which was quite tasty as well.

Amalgame is on Bernard just east of Parc Ave.


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