Tuesday, October 12, 2010

With the colour of rust

It's been months, years even, but my fingers are regaining some virility and I think I can manage a post. My thoughts, however, still a little jumbled. Put it on paper, you can draw it in your mind! No better way to begin this than to talk about the grand opening of my home for future dinners!

I had the honourable presence of many lovely ladies and we all/most entertained the Russian theme... oh yes, how can I forget to tell you! Of course it was themed! Themed dressing of course means themed recipes!

So many people brought so many tasty Eastern European delights from pickles, pickled green tomatoes (a personal favorite of mine), caviar, Claire's famous potato salad, chicken salad, bird's milk chocolates, etc. Unfortunately we had to eat it all out of plastic plates which wouldn't fit any Russian theme (I'm thinking even the lack of plastic bags circa Soviet era) but no one seemed to mind... haha, not even me. But don't be mistaken, I got the 'fancy' kinds (that's what it said on the packaging at least).

Recipes absolutely to come! Borscht, pelimeni, and maybe roulette even! All passed on from generation to generation within my family with variations along the way.

No better pleasure in life than great company with great food... I love you friends!

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