Monday, October 11, 2010

Boston thanksgiving roadtrip with the fam

So i went to boston for the weekend just to get out of Montreal for a bit and decompress. We did tons of shopping and eating and walking, one of those trips. Boston is known for their lobster so the first night we got there, we were tired from the drive so we just walked around our hotel and found this place called Abe and Louie's. I ordered a pistachio apple blue cheese salad with dijon dressing and split the lobster Savannah with my mom. Amazing!!! I'm definitely going to recreate this salad at home. The lobster came in a creamy sauce with mushrooms and peppers and was just over the top and very satisfying after that long drive.

However the food was not all good. My sister Sandrine and I were shopping on Newbury and randomly walked in to a sandwich shop and were thoroughly disapointed with the meal to the point where we had to return our unwashed salad (it literally had dirt in it) and uncooked chicken. My 18 year old sister is very good at being assertive and unimpressed so she returned the plates. The manager handled it well and comped us our meals. We learnt our lessons, always judge a place by its decor!!! Aesthetics say a lot about someone's taste and attention to detail. This place was completely ordinary slash lame looking and our food was even more so.

To make ourselves feel better we entered a wonderful little chocolate shop called teuscher that imported truffles and chocolates from switzerland. Their specialty was the champagne truffles which were exactly how you would expect them to be. Divine! They also had a jasmine truffle that made me stop in my tracks on a busy shopping street and close my eyes to enjoy the subtleties of flavour. At $3 a pop, thank god that was the effect the chocolates had on me!
Finally, on our last day we went to visit the Harvard campus in Cambridge and went to eat at Upstairs on the Square for brunch. This place is basically like a little girl's dream with pink walls and leopard print carpeting in the staircase and zebra print in the dining room.
The concept was good in the sense that it was really fun but it was a little unkempt. The paint was chipping and the carpets looked old. But i suppose that's what happens when there is white carpetting in a dining establishment. The food was actually good though! The bread course was a selection of several different types of mini muffins and cinnamon cake and arabic style cheese bread triangles. And the butter was soft.
Sandrine and I went for the brioche french toast with fruit compote, my mom went for the lobster omelette and my dad went for the crab tagliatelle.
We all shared a platter of artisanal cheeses which by the way americans eat as entrees instead of dessert (totally disconcerting!). So for our dessert we shared homemade icecream and shortbread cookies. The peanut butter icecream was sublime! Really.

Boston has some good food but I recommend making reservations well in advance if you want to go to any high end restaurants. The line ups are crazy the night of. Go prepared!!

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